Americans Are To Damn Sensitive

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Published on Feb 13, 2013

Americans Are To Damn Sensitive, Get Over It Damit, Blacks upset with Nigga, Mexicans upset with Wetback, Pro-life people upset with calling abortion murder, Man up sissies, so what if your feelings got hurt, Homosexuals is upset over calling their lifestyles sin, stop being so damn sensitive, so what if you are offended, I am offended that you are offended, The Muslims are sensitive evn when they are blowing up people

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1 Response to Americans Are To Damn Sensitive

  1. upaces88 says:

    Minorities have REALLLLY overplayed their hand(s). More and more people are now turning 180 degrees the other way. Forget the PC!
    People became PC just for them! After all, no one really wanted to hurt their widdle bitty feelings.
    Now? They have gone too far to the point they are claiming PC on everything we do…actions, words, etc. They read in from their own frame of reference of HOW RACIST “THEY ARE”.

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