The Constitution of the United States has a uniquely defining role in American life. It serves as a sort of “blueprint” for the US government, as the foundation of Law in the US, and as a symbol of the enduring strength of our nation.

Our Constitution defines the basic structure of the government, and determines how the three branches function. The three branches, Executive (president), legislative (Congress), and judicial (Supreme Court) are designed to balance each other, to check the power balance, and to share the responsibility of governing in accordance with their specified duties. It also establishes the separation of power as a watch-guard between these three branches and between the federal and state governments. The Constitution does more than just outline the structure, it sets up a standard against which all other laws are to be judged. Article VI states that the Constitution, together with the other laws…

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1 Response to THIS is FORWARD?

  1. upaces88 says:

    He doesn’t care if it is right vs. wrong; legal vs. illegal; OR Constitutional.
    And, NO ONE stops him.
    He rules as a tyrant.

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