South American Hezbollah Jihadis Threaten USA

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Published on Feb 19, 2013

The Iranians and their terrorist proxy Hezbollah has been building forward operating bases in the Tri-Border area of South America and Mexico for the last three decades. Venezuela’s uranium deposits have been an important and rarely reported on component fueling Iran’s efforts to win the hearts and minds of the people in Latin America and Mexico.

Iranian Press Expose the Hispanic Insurgency

Sending young Iranian clerics to Latin American countries to spread Iranian-style radical Shi’ite Islam: To prepare for such missions, clerics train for three years, and study a variety of subjects to help them in their activity in Latin America: Spanish, religions and cultures of Latin America, and skills for converting Spanish speakers to Islam.

Classified By: David C. Brooks,

The U.S. government also wishes to develop relations between U.S. Muslim community leaders and the Muslim communities in Brazil. They hope that by fostering a connection they will “bolster mainstream Islam in Brazil, highlight the importance of freedom of religion in America, the diversity of Islam in America, and debunk the myths that exist about Islam in America.” Additionally it would further the Sao Paulo Muslim community’s effort to spread its “interfaith relations… with other Muslim communities around the World.”

“Post, Karen Chandler, has suggested several possible programs, including a campaign to provide consular information to Muslim contacts, a series of outreach presentations on President Obama, and, most important, our desire to bring down a visiting U.S. Sheik who can explain how Islam is now a vital part of American society and build ties with local religious leaders.

Obama and State Department Arrogance and Idiocy Towards Political Islam

The United States is an Infidel nation, following man made laws, in direct violation of Islamic Law. For President Obama’s Foreign Policy team to think we can “influence Hezbollah Islam in Brazil by promoting the diversity of Islam in America” as a force multiplier across the South America region to counter the Hezbollah power base in the tri-border area, is patently absurd and quite dangerous.

Our State Department articulates they will achieve this naive objective above by doing a “series of outreach presentations on President Obama and bringing down a U.S. Sheik to say how important Islam is to American Society.”

The WikiLeaks memo above focuses a neon light on how utterly ignorant our State Department officials are about the Islamic Threat Doctrine, Hezbollah, Al-Queda, and the Muslim Brotherhood. American policy makers believe this mythical form of Infidel U.S. friendly Islam will out Islam the truer Islam of Iran is like the Keystone Cops giving tactical training to the Navy SEAL’s.

Iran Cultivates South America for the last 30 years

The Islamic State of Iran has been spending Billions of dollars buying South American and Mexican influence over the last two to three decades. “According to the Department of State, Hezbollah, with Iran as its sponsor, is considered the “most technically capable terrorist group in the world” with “thousands of supporters, several thousand members, and a few hundred terrorist operatives.”

HR 3783 suggests, “direct Iranian government support of Hezbollah activities in the Tri-Border Area of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Iran has built 17 cultural centers (Mosques) in Latin America, and it currently maintains 11 embassies, up from six in 2005.” Iran has set up a forward operating base against American interests that should be on every Americans radar screen.

Infiltration Through The Mexican Border

Many experts believe the Southwest border and Hezbollah presence in South America has become the most secure highway for terrorist infiltration in the United States. The Mexican border allows terrorists from Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and The Muslim Brotherhood an anonymous illegal entry point inside the United States. Once inside the United States these Iranian backed terrorist cells are free to set up forward operating bases inside the United States, for both the short and longer term terrorist operations.

President Obama and his national security team believe cultural engagement with the Latin American Islamists is the proper course of action for the United States. A similar cultural engagement mindset is also being applied to the 11 Million Illegal Aliens inside our borders, many of whom could be Shia or Sunni terrorists.

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