Why do Americans abuse food stamps?

Those who are abusing the food stamp program obviously are getting too much aid.

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Published on Mar 2, 2013

The American food program that helps those on low-incomes, is reportedly being abused by some who don’t need financial aid. RT’s Resident Lori Harfenist went to find out what taxpayers think, about the way their money is spent.

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4 Responses to Why do Americans abuse food stamps?

  1. upaces88 says:

    Correction: I had a thought, and stopped in the middle.
    “At One Time”…if you had a car, you couldn’t get food stamps. They figured you could sell it and use mass transportation to go to work. They would ask if you were working or not; and if NOT?
    Why aren’t you working.

    Those were the days of common sense. It should be embarrassing to HAVE to ask for food stamps to t

  2. upaces88 says:

    Yes! Americans ARE abusing the system. At one time

    It is the Corporations(s) fault? Noooo. If you don’t have $$, you don’t buy a new car. You live in a less expensive way. You buy your clothes at a Thrift Shop. Or, you go get a 2nd job!

    HOW many African American women have you seen get out of a new car dressed like they just walked out of Neiman-Marcus, Gave you ever noticed that the children who walk into the store with their mother IS ALWAYS DRESSED exceptionally well!

  3. jk9267 says:

    Socialism needs dependancy to make it work. It’s all Obama pretense to make believe that there is an afterliife — after all our rights disappear. I guarantee few of you will be alive to use food stamps.This whole NWO thing is about Eugenics, reducing the world’s population to 500,000,000.

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