John McCain ACE fighter pilot….NOT!

“War hero” John McCain was a mediocre fighter pilot at best and other than being shot down over Viet Nam and captured his notable accomplishment was crashing or destroying the planes that he was flying. Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Corrente Wire, Fact The GOP’s dinosaurs AKA RINOsaurs need to be retired, they are out of touch. If the Republican Party, if our nation is to survive we need a new crop of Constitutional Republicans to counter the Communistic Liberal Democratic Party.

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3 Responses to John McCain ACE fighter pilot….NOT!

  1. upaces88 says:

    Lord! That was a long time ago. What I vaguely remember…didn’t McCain give them information he wasn’t supposed to?

  2. G. Clifton says:

    Then since being an ACE fighter pilot is the criteria for receiving a Silver Star……how did he get it?

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