Obama is not qualified to be a janitor

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Published on Mar 5, 2013

Obama not qualified to be a janitor

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21 Responses to Obama is not qualified to be a janitor

  1. jk9267 says:

    Obama is not qualified to run a antigun campaign. Sandy Hook is a Hoax. Go to the video link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Wx9GxXYKx_8

  2. upaces88 says:

    JK, I would also vote for “RAND” PAUL in a NY minute…

  3. upaces88 says:

    JK, Newt and Michelle Bachman were THE ONLY TWO who wanted the Muslims out of our Federal Govt. They were kicked to the curb for Romney, who by the way was doing great.
    At one point, he had thousands at Red Rock vs. a couple of hundred showed up at Obama’s Campaign Rally.

    • upaces88 says:

      Even Romney brought up the Muslims and using U.S. Tax $ to build an Islamist Charter School.

  4. upaces88 says:

    You have to be VERY organized to be a janitor. They have a great deal to take care of, clean up, restore, re-fill in a specified amount of time.

  5. jk9267 says:

    I watched Gingrich movie above and it made me sick. I hate people like this who pretend to embrace conservative values when their past voting record clearly illustrates otherwise. Go to hell Gingrich.

    • upaces88 says:

      They kept trying to hurt his chances by stating things like, “welll, he has baggage.” Meaning, he had an affair while married. Jeeeze, it IS NOT right, but that is HIS private life. I have known a lot of politicians in Dallas, and women (unfortunately) do throw themselves at them.
      Obama is Gay and they were worried about Newt’s past?
      Romney was/is Mormon…yet they were worried about Newt’s past?

      JK, so? Who do you like? No, I really want to know.

        • upaces88 says:

          Ron Paul realllly scared me when he spoke up for the Mosque being built on Ground Zero. Yes, it is in the Constitution…Freedom of Religion; but he didn’t understand that Muslims build Mosques on grounds they conquer.
          He also thought prostitution should be legalized and it failed in other countries. Prostitution brings in the lowest of low caliber person with drugs, owning the prostitutes and crime. Amsterdam learned the hard way.

        • upaces88 says:

          I am very sincere when I say this. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t respect Ron Paul. He is very respected and loved by man because he DOES stand up for all ofus.

          Do you why people WILL NOT take Ron Paul more seriously? HIS FOLLOWERS. They hurt his chances. They hurt him because they will SPAM any and all articles that have nothing to do with him.
          I was on a Science Blog concerning the possibility of Time Travel, etc. You know! That way out there stuff! This particular subject had to do with Multi-Universe. A Ron Paul person blogged OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN on the same site:
          “Well, uh, that wouldn’t happen if Ron Paul is President!”

          ON EVERY SITE that had NOTHING to do with the campaigns. They RUINED his chances at others “seriously” considering him

          • upaces88 says:

            He doesn’t even know it. His followers are his worst enemies and they don’t mean to be. BUT! They are.

            • jk9267 says:

              There are what I call perpetrators who post on sites to de-rail the discussion on purpose. I have found this to be the case with sensitive subject forums such as gangstalking, and politically driven subjects.

              • upaces88 says:

                IF I am understanding you…they ARE or ARE NOT Ron Paul people?
                Plants? That never crossed my mind

            • jk9267 says:

              It’s par for the course with leaders and followers. Since we have been invaded from within, I tend to believe that some of Paul’s followers are his enemies on purpose. I attended a Tea Party meeting where the host invited his friend to speak. The friend got up and talked about Amway. Talk about classic de-railment. I left but I didn’t see others leave with me.

  6. upaces88 says:

    JK, you are 100% right!

  7. upaces88 says:

    I reallly liked Newt’s speech on his daughter working as a janitor:

  8. upaces88 says:

    It is DEEPLY SAD that we know now WE have to do all of the research about the Candidates. At one time, I did type it into Google: “Who does the background checks on the candidates.”
    I was shocked! I thought for sure the FBI did it.
    NOPE! It IS the job of the Media to do it for us.

    This is the sad part. THEY ALL KNEW ABOUT HIM. It came over the AP wire, “Kenyan born Obama goes to U.S. Senate.”

    The Media did at one time give us the news behind the news of candidates UNTIL a WFAA or WBAP-TV — FT Worth Texas (sorry, I can’t remember which one it was) GAVE us the entire background of little George Bush:
    Crashing an Air National Guard plane flying drunk;
    He seldom sowed up for formation while in the Air National Guard.

    The man never worked in the media again! I have seen him in bit parts in movies, but that’s about it. IF you are interested to see who I am talking about, go ahead and buy “In the Electric Mist” with Tommy Lee Jones (it is a keeper. It will be dirt cheap by now). He plays the part of a cop working with Tommy Lee (just a bit part).

    Our Media hasn’t been allowed to give us everything. I found out about Obama on Yahoo Buzz. I was in denial at first because I could NOT imagine that a NON-Citizen could get by with what he did. There was a blogger, MathewJ. He copied and pasted that on EVERY SINGLE BLOG SITE whether it was about Obama or not! It was irritating at first because my mind could NOT conceive of this happening in the United States of America! I got so irritated, I decided to prove him wrong.

    Guess whut…YEP, YOU GOT IT. He WAS/IS 100% RIGHT!

  9. jk9267 says:

    A janitor can think for himself. He can decide to clean a floor first, or instead clean the toilets first. Obama, on the other hand, is not qualified to make any decision. He is just a puppet, a mouth piece for the New World Order, giving Satanic hand-signs to powers and principalities that tell him what to do. Obama, indeed, is not qualified to be a janitor; he is an example of possession on a stick.

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