PC liberals and Muslims. LOL!

These people are wacko’s. Mention jihad, savages, beheadings, Christian genocide, anti-Semitism, stoning, stone age throwbacks, and PC liberals and Muslims immediately believe you are talking about Islam and Muslims without you ever saying it. Well if the piece of the puzzle fits they must be correct? If the piece of the puzzle fits. They think it fits, if it does they have no defense.

CBS, San Francisco gets story all wrong and uses wrong ad – no accountability or ethics

Published on Mar 11, 2013

How nuts are they in San Francisco? Plenty. But you already knew that. AFDI counter jihad ads went up in San Francisco today, and a host of city officials, including the District Attorney and several city lawmakers are holding a news conference today to denounce the latest round of bus ads purchased by our organization.

The slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Algeria et al — that doesn’t warrant a statement, let alone a press conference, but my ads do. Think about that. Hundreds of thousands dead, but it would be blasphemy to talk about. The slaughter in the cause of jihad is OK, but my talking about it is the problem.

Even worse, they are so out of their minds — the media has gotten the whole story and the ad wrong. CBS in San Francisco did a whole news segment here on the savage ad (!) going up on SF buses, saying we are calling all Muslims and Arabs in savages — which of course we never said. Crazy time, folks.

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1 Response to PC liberals and Muslims. LOL!

  1. upaces88 says:

    Well, hell! They are savages!!

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