Todays entertainment 3/11/2013…

…courtesy The Mad Jewess

These Muslim pussies weren’t as brave as when they rape, harass and denigrate women. When confronted by men they lay on the ground in the fetal position and let themselves be kicked. LOL! Time for American men to take a page from this book.

Russian streetfights Russians VS Muslims

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3 Responses to Todays entertainment 3/11/2013…

  1. royce says:

    Looked like all white boys to me.

  2. Roy Mcdade says:

    Just like muslims prey on women. It would be even a better idea if people preyed on muslim men.. and if they lose, Castration.. Do I hear any votes ???

  3. upaces88 says:

    Lord! Beating the crap outta them! Yeah!!!

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