King Abdullah to Obama: Beware the Muslim Brotherhood

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Published on Mar 19, 2013

The Atlantic Monthly’s Jeffrey Goldberg says King Abdullah is warning the U.S. of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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2 Responses to King Abdullah to Obama: Beware the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. jericho777 says:

    I’ve said it often, if Syria falls to the Sunni Brotherhood, so falls Lebanon, Jordan & the West Bank…And Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh after marching against the Shia Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah to clean out Lebanon of the Shiite’s, will then march through the West Bank like an Arab plague and slaughter the fabricated Palestinian fools who thought themselves significant….
    These Palestinians “Bronze Aged Greeks” have only been tolerated because they too killed Jews, but President Abaas and his PLO have been on the side lines for far to long for Hamas to even find them remotely useful, and perhaps more of a hindrance politically than as a useful “Antisemitic” terrorist Allie…
    King Abdullah knows that if Syria falls, he’s going to be in a world of Dino Poop Soup and will most likely either concede his power over to the Sunni Brotherhood or agree to a power sharing government, to which I believe, either way, he’ll be assassinated, they will not want him alive, it’s the Arab way….
    King Abdullah is trying to save his Kingship now, and it’s all to telling by way of his actions of what he believes is inevitably charging towards him and I have news for him, the ebb tide has now turned into a tidal flood and he is doomed to drown a horrible Arab death, the Sunni Arabs will want to make a statement as they did with Qaddafi’s torture and then his execution and it’s just a matter of time now?
    Kerry and Obama are speeding things up by pouring tax money, Tanks & F-16s to the FSA and Egyptians, which we know will be turned against Israel, Obama’s trip to Israel was to sooth their fears and to put them in a false sense of security and it too worked, he charmed the britches and good senses from the majority of the younger Jews and they’ll pay for that as well, just as we are, but on a much much worse and larger scale than we could ever imagine…
    It’s all about Jerusalem and has always been so, if they can surround Israel with overwhelming numbers they believe they can get Jerusalem by concessions, it’s their number one goal and you and I know the Jews at some point in the near future hands over Jerusalem to someone, and that someone is biblically the Antichrist, perhaps this is the door they need opening to get there????

  2. upaces88 says:

    Well, I am glad he “warned” him, but good grief, he is in bed with all of them in one form or another! I don’t see Obama being loyal to anyone specifically.

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