Black Teenage Thug Kills One Year Old For Money

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Published on Mar 26, 2013

Black Teenage Thug Kills One Year Old For Money, They have kicked God Almighty Out Of The School, School Shootings Have Increased Because We Don’t Want God, Where is the outrage from the Civil Rights Groups, Where is the NAACP, Where is MSMBC, they are hypocrites

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4 Responses to Black Teenage Thug Kills One Year Old For Money

  1. upaces88 says:

    One of Obama’s sons.

  2. JC says:

    The next step is fast approaching….who among us is ready? Do not answer…just keep doing what you are doing. Keep it low and steady.

  3. upaces88 says:


    He will NEVER last in prison. The Most HARDENED CRIMINALS will, literally, slaughter anyone who pulls horrors like this!

  4. jeromeennis says:

    I just finished posting the following on FB (3/2/2013) and on a page called Thug Life or Thugs with Guns, which shows dozens and dozens of inner city thugs with Illegal Guns, while Obama tries to disarm Legal, Law Abiding Citizens pretending it is for the Chil-Ren or general public safety, which we all know is a lie. Here is my letter to Obama and is published on FB and on this Thug Site: Thanks—Jerome Ennis
    Mr. Presidente’ Obama, I have a question and a suggestion for you, even though I am only asking rhetorically, for I already know the answer to the question I am asking, but it is a question you will not honestly answer. Why don’t you and the massive police force you have at your disposal, try Investigating and Arresting the Illegal Gun Owners who are Thugs running every city street in America, and especially in the large Socialist-Democrat-Mob-Union Run Cities such as Chicago, the city you call your hometown. Of course you are not going to Police these thugs, they are part of your Army. These thugs are responsible for over 90 percent of all Child Murderers, as well as of others who are murdered in the USA. More Chil-Ren are murdered in Chicago, NY, Los Angles, DC and other Thug Run Cities in one day than are killed by all the so-called Mass Child Killings that are carried out by some Nut Job who was turned into a Nut Job thanks to the Public Education System that is controlled by the NEA and the United States Department of Mis-Education and Indoctrination.

    You and other corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and so-called news media and so-called actors and musicians and others are running around preaching and promoting “Gun Control To Protect Public Safety and especially Safety of the Chil-Ren.”

    This is a complete lie on your part and on the part of the other gutless slime balls that support you and play your idiotic campaign Lies and Propaganda on a 24-7 feed pretending they are reporting news.

    If you and these other corrupt and subversive slime balls you surround yourself with really cared about public safety or for the Chil-Ren, you would be going to Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Birmingham, LA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Seattle, Portland, Madison, Boston, Newark, Camden, Charlotte, Washington DC, Baltimore and other large metro cities where Chil-Ren and other innocents die on a 24-7 cycle, and actually Enforce Law and Order and get the Illegally Obtained guns out of the hands of Thugs, Drug Dealers, Rapists, Burglars, Robbers, and others who are actually the Number One Killers in the USA.

    Part 2 of Thugs With Guns—by Jerome Ennis

    No, Mr. Obama and the rest of your Ilk, you do not care about protecting the Chil-Ren or anybody else. All you all are really trying to do is to Disarm the Legal Gun Owner in order to make it easier for you fascist wannabe dictators to control the law abiding, and especially if one day, you or some other subversive fascist such as you, decide to call Martial Law. You and your ilk want no possible resistance from Tyrants like you. That is why our founding fathers had the good sense to put into the Basic Bill Of Rights, the second amendment, the right to own and bear guns with no restrictions from government, either local or federal. What we are witnessing today is the result of the law abiding being willing to give up more and more liberties, especially to gun rights with all the Restrictions, Permits, Fees, Taxes, etc. that the government at all levels now put on gun possession and ownership. The Second Amendment did not say, “You have this right but your local or federal government can willy nilly decide how to Control Your Right.” This is how Creeping Fascism which leads to tyranny starts. And, sadly, all too many ignorant, No-Information Voters know nothing about our laws or the constitution except what the lying fascists like Obama tells them.

    And, you want to disarm the law abiding citizens so that they cannot protect their own homes and families from home invaders such as the thugs I earlier described. These inner city thugs with guns are responsible for about 99 percent of every home invasion and murders. You and others like you Mr. Obama, want to Protect Thugs because they are your Biggest Fans and Supporters who can be Organized into Flash Mobs when you and your mob and union allies want to Cause A Riot supposedly for some Just Cause after you, Mr. Obama or other Class Warfare and Racist Politicians go to cities and Rile Everybody into an Angry and Vicious mob with your incendiary remarks in your speeches. Then, you give them a wink and a nod as a way of telling them, “As soon as I am gone and Safe, Let the Riots Begin.”

    And, in most everyone of the Major Murder Cities are run by Democrat Machine Governments that are made up of Democrat Politicians, The Mobs, and the Marxist and Thuggish Union Leaders.

    No, Mr. Obama, your Gun Grab is not seriously concerned with Public Safety or for the Chil-Ren you love to use as PROPS and Backdrops for your Propaganda Campaign, it is all a lie and you know it, and so do millions of Legal U.S. Citizens who legally own guns. You want to Control the Law Abiding, especially those that disagree with you and your Marxist and Dictatorial Policies. You want to insure that Legal Gun Owning Citizens cannot Protect Themselves from the Jack Boots that you and others of your ilk would use given the opportunity. That is all your Gun Grab is about.

    So, Mr. Obama, say no more of your lies and man up (I know you can’t do that because Bullies are never real Men), but pretending you could Man Up, and you care about murder, especially murder of the precious Chil-Ren that you USE and Hide Behind, go to the Major Cities which are the Major Crime and Murder Scenes on a 24-7 basis, and encourage the Mayors and other Thug Politicians to make their police departments, sheriffs departments, state troopers, FBI, BATFE, HLS, DEA, and another dozen or so Alphabet Soup Fascist U.S. Government Police Forces go out there and Clean Out Your Filthy and Corrupt Cities where 99 percent of all murders take place daily and annually and most of these with Illegally Obtained and Owned Firearms. But, of course, I know you and your corrupt party that runs this government and our major population centers, are not about to clean up your corrupt and murderous cities, because you all use these same thugs for your own advantage when needed. And, all these thugs, if they vote, always vote for Democrats. All your laws and restrictions on gun ownership are aimed at the responsible and law abiding gun owners, while you and your regime counterparts in these slummy cities, allow illegally obtained guns in the hands of thugs as young as age 10. These little thugs would be very easy to find and disarm, but you know, and most of us know, you will not do that, and neither will your Race Hustling Allies such as Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Michelle Obama, Al Sharpton, or Louie Farakhan and others of your ilk in government and Hollywood.

    Instead of Policing Criminals with this Massive Police Power that these cities and this country have, they use them against the Law Abiding. The BATFE sells guns to thugs and drug dealers, and then go around and bust Legal Gun Shops and Gun Owners and illegally seize Legally Owned Weapons, but they Never seem to be able to catch one of those Pesky Criminals On the Streets of the USA, including in the nations capitol, DC.

    And, what is ironic Mr. Obama, your and Mooch-Elle’s hometown is the Murder Capital of the World, not just in the USA, but in the world Mr. Obama. You seem to be oblivious to over 400 Chil-Ren Murdered by your Thug Allies in Chicago. So, before you go campaigning and preaching to Law Abiding and Responsible U.S. Citizens and trying to trample our rights the same way you have trampled the U.S. Constitution when it comes to your Dictates which you do Illegally, go to Chicago and do your Cleanup, then Return to DC and do the same thing in the nation’s capital where decent people and especially, the children, are terrified to get on a bus or train, and they especially are afraid to go out at night. Your sister-city, Baltimore is no better. It is a carbon copy of DC when it comes to Thug and Mob Rule where children are never safe.

    And, Mr. Obama, stop Using Innocent Children as your Props and Backdrops, the same way you use everybody else for Your Personal Political ambitions, because you know Mr. Obama, you could care less for the children of this country or for our military men and women or of law enforcement officials you simply use them as props for Photo-Ops, then jump into your Limo Protected by thousands of Armed Police, SS and Military, and drive off into the sunset for your next Photo Shoot or Golf Match or on a Vacation or just to the White House where you invite in and Entertain (MTV)Rapper Thugs that Glamorize Cop Killers, Drug Using/Dealing and Rape and other abuse and degradation of women. (Oh, I forgot about the precious women you also use as props claiming that your opposition are anti-fairness to women.) Rappers who are out there infecting the minds of our children all over the country. And your Hollywood Trash Friends also make disgusting movies and TV shows that show, teach and preach the same type of trash that the MTV Rappers promote and encourage in our Children, and not just black children, but all children.
    You are a disgrace to this country, to the office of president and to the White House Mr. Obama, and I will be so glad the day you and Mooch-Elle pack it up and go on a Permanent Vacation. Besides, you and Mooch-Elle’s Lifestyle is Bankrupting the Country while you tell all of us to buy a Chevy Volt and not to go to Las Vega. What a hypocrite liar we have as a POTUS. Would never believed in a million years that we would wind up with a Marxist Thug Bully as POTUS, but that is exactly what and who Mr. Obama truly is, as is angry mate, Mooch-Elle.
    Thanks –Jerome Ennis

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