Eight month pregnant woman tasered by cops

We’re hearing more and more about police overreacting. Is the actions of a rogue cop or is this becoming the new norm for police behavior? Thoughts please.

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Published on Apr 4, 2013

In Springfield, Illinois, Lucinda White was tasered by a cop after her boyfriend’s dispute with another individual over a fender bender went south. The 29 year-old called the police in an effort to settle the dispute, but later the eight months pregnant woman was brought down and tasered. According to the police report White was yelling, cursing and resisting arrest. RT’s Margaret Howell brings us more on the video that has gone viral.

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3 Responses to Eight month pregnant woman tasered by cops

  1. upaces88 says:

    We need to keep up with this story.

  2. upaces88 says:

    This should NEVER have happened in the first place. This cop should be fired.
    The cops were never in danger. The public was never in danger.
    He way, way overstepped his bounds!!

  3. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    This is becoming the norm, but lets be honest here, it’s as bad now as it has always been, just more people for them to beat up…Most are in it for the glory and the power it gives them and for many, they are border lines sociopaths themselves…They stay amongst there own hyping each other up with sensationalism’s daily and are always lathered up for the worst, there are no normality’s with these officers any more, not on a civilian level there isn’t, they have lost touch with us…

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