What Can We Do To Change America

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Published on Apr 9, 2013

What Can We Do To Change America, Obama is Amoral but it is not just him, We have been corrupting the country for years, Why have we not changed leaders, It is our fault as Americans, wake your friends up, wake your family up, do you believe that there is still hope

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2 Responses to What Can We Do To Change America

  1. upaces88 says:

    He is right. We have ignored it thinking, “well, we’ll fix it with the new President and House.
    I am very unhappy that I have this opinion…but I do believe it. We ARE too late.
    The Military missed their window of opportunity to save our country. This gave him time to replace the ones he knew wanted him gone for the sake of the Country.

    I don’t think I can be shocked any more by those who are flat out “ignoring” what is going on.

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