Answer To Bill O’Reilly’s Traditional Marriage Argument

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Published on Apr 9, 2013

Answer To Bill O’Reilly’s Traditional Marriage Argument, Why can’t same-sex couples reproduce, Marriage was for procreation, there are not but two sexes, show me the homosexual gene Bill

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6 Responses to Answer To Bill O’Reilly’s Traditional Marriage Argument

  1. Ken says:

    And another thing! Yes Jesus fulfilled the law! Which ranged to LOVING unconditionally, and shedding his blood to save humans. His death didnt do away with the 10 commandments. The law of Moses was the law of God! The commandments Bible says were written on stone by the finger of God. Of course they had to be put down on paper for distribution purposes! But the laws themselves werent moses laws or idea. Your right Upaces! Fulfillment OF the law in the Bible, regardless who wrote it, from Genesis to Revelation, is Love god with all your heart, soul, and might, and your neighbor as yourself! IF you have that love you will automatically, from your heart, do whats right! You wont WANT to murder or do anything contrary to MORALITY and respect for others. Ive heard before too that God created gays. They know NOTHING about creation or the bible! God did NOT create Gays. He wouldnt create someone GAY and then condemn their lifestyle! Bible says those that do such things deserve to DIE! GOD created man and woman! Some particular men and women, and a degenerate SOCIETY created GAYS! Dont blame GOD! God LOVES Gay people! But HATES the lifestyle!

  2. Ken says:

    Mr. Oriely should perhaps LOOK at the reproductive organs of same sex couples, and then he would KNOW why they cant reproduce! He is dumber than a child even! Where did that piece of shit excuse for a human grow up and go to school? My GOD can anyone be that damn stupid!

  3. The MAD Jewess says:

    I love this dude, Bob, thanks :D

  4. upaces88 says:

    This has gone beyond the ridiculous to even suggest same-sex marriage and babies.
    IF Bill can’t come up with something a tad more intelligent, he needs to keep his damn mouth shut.

    AS you will see from reading my post, I am NOT a Bible Scholar.
    Moses wrote the “Do NOT(s)” list.
    When Jesus came….this may sound simple, however, many people do not understand one little part. When Jesus came to “fulfill” the Law of Moses…and left us with only ONE Commandment, “Love One Another” — that means that you will automatically NOT:
    Lie, steal, commit adultery, murder, etc. As Christians we no longer do that because, supposedly, we already have the list Moses left us of the “DO NOT(s)” — lie, steal , murder, etc.
    IF you truly love in the way Christ Loved Us, you DO NOT molest children, etc.

    God did not MAKE anyone gay. Just as some animals are born the same way as some humans. It can be caused for two known factors: 1) Something toxic in the environment causes an animal/human DNA to become, shall we say, “confused”..

    DNA Sequencing Reveals Brains of Gays Contain Damaged Homo-DNA (Homo-HDNA)

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