Kermit Gosnell Proves Obama Is The Right President For America

Is Obama Right President For America

Published on Apr 13, 2013

Abortion, homosexuality, promiscuous sex, immorality. America is not yet Sodom and Gomorrah but is on that path thanks to Barack Obama, liberals and progressives. Dr. Gosnell and infanticide are becoming the norm, WTF!

Kermit Gosnell Proves Obama Is The Right President For America

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Published on Apr 13, 2013

Kermit Gosnell Proves Obama Is The Right President For America, The Evil Of Abortion In America, Planned Parenthood Should Be Shut Down

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4 Responses to Kermit Gosnell Proves Obama Is The Right President For America

  1. Ken says:

    Exactly upaces! I been carrying my cross for years now. And stabbed in back! And criticized to my face! I was court ordered to see a psycologist years ago! Ive had some experiences! Revelations! And when I talked about them, well i wound up in psycologist/psychiatrist office. People CANT bear to hear truth anymore! Jesus is coming again! In MY lifetime!!!!! I wrote a book once. gave it to a friend to read and tell me what he thinks! He destroyed my manuscript! It was about my experiences, What God told me, and BIBLE TRUTHES! Dont kid youirself! ALL heaven knows and sees the climax and fulfillment of Prophecy! And second coming of CHRIST! SOON

  2. genomega1 says:

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    Kermit Gosnell Proves Obama Is The Right President For America

  3. upaces88 says:

    We need to repeat this again. He was NOT elected the first or second time.
    WE, as a Country, We have lost our way. Our Churches are filled with liars, cheats, adulterers, etc.; and they go every Sunday.

    Where are the Christians? I have long ago left any and all “Christian Churches.” My Dad and his Dad were both ministers. Before my daughter was born in 1971, I began going to a Church in a small auditorium at the Southern Methodist University Campus/Dallas, TX. Father Taliaferro was once an Episcopalian Priest who was, more or less “de-robed” for telling the truth; and basically, he left because they wouldn’t allow him to “TELL ALL” about the Jesus The Christ nor ALL of his teachings. All of us are responsible for our own Spiritual evolution to a more perfect understanding of what Christ was teaching.

    Father “T” (or, some referred to him as “Tollie”) taught individual responsibility for everything we do. He also taught that with each individual, there is a responsibility to the entire Nation to be the MOST “Christ Centered” Person you can be…which means in doing that, you will follow in the steps of Christ; and you will be in a way, crucified also.

    Allow me to explain. When anyone accepts “CHRIST”….IF you follow Him in everything you do, you will be refusing to lie, cheat, or plan the destruction of a fellow employee at work in order to gain YOUR new position. IF you refuse to “play the game”, in essence, you will be picking up your own CROSS to bear and will be crucified (modern time type of being crucified) for following in the Path of Christ. You will NOT be a popular person int he workplace when you refuse to back-stab someone that everyone else wants gone because a “specific person” wants the job. You may even lose your job because you “won’t play ball.”

    Add in everything else he talked about….Obama is the reflection of what many, many people are like in our country.

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