An observation on Boston Marathon Bombing.

From our commentator JC on Boston Marathon Bombing 2

JC says:

Let me begin by sending my condolences to those who lost loved ones on Monday, April 15th
at the Boston Marathon. My heart can only imagine the pain and suffering that the families and victims are going through right now. The challenges that lie ahead for those recovering from this horrible act will be in the prayers of those of us who watched from afar in our homes. While there are no words that will erase the pain inflicted by such cowardly and evil acts those who have endured this terror will come full circle, and in their recovery not only in body but in spirit, will defeat those who did this. The only response to those who did this is to show them that they have not defeated you but merely set your resolve to greater heights.

Now to an observation that I have made. I am no conspiracy theorist, but I do have one nagging question that I have not heard the media outlets follow up on. I read that Saudi national questioned early on is now being deported. This is followed by information that he is related to someone housed at Gitmo. And that he has family members who are known Al Qaida operatives. He also was fleeing the scene when he was tackled by someone. Then to beat all a Saudi representative paid an unscheduled visit to BHO at the White House on Wednesday. Finally, the 20 year old Saudi here on a student visa, has been released and flown back to Saudi Arabia, by the same representative who visited with BHO only the day before. Now I ask please explain to me why would we let this guy leave? I know the FBI said they ruled him out as a suspect….but in my heart of hearts I find it troubling that this young man was sent home with no further investigation. I find it troubling that our student visa system allowed someone in this country with this mans ties. Now I know you cannot assume that just because he has those sorts of ties mentioned above that he means harm to America….but really are we just supposed to ignore what stares us in the face. My parents told me once that the first impression is usually the correct one. So too could have been the FBI’s about this man’s involvement in these bombings. Yet the leader who leads from behind has once again provided aid and comfort to the enemy by letting this man not only go, but deliberately and with malice, absconed to a country that will not extradite him, should the initial impression be found to be the correct one. It is reprehensible and irresponsible and treasonous of BHO should this man be found to have been involved.

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2 Responses to An observation on Boston Marathon Bombing.

  1. upaces88 says:

    JC: Why was he deported vs. putting him in prison? He is a Saudi. It seems to me that there was a pretty powerful person who “intervened” on his behalf.
    When there are two or more involved in committing a National Crime…IT IS A CONSPIRACY.
    He didn’t do this alone…so who helped him?
    This was a terrorist attack.
    What type of connections did he have here in the U.S. to simply deport him?
    There had to have been a declaration spoken from the National Level.


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