“A Time to Fight”



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Published on Apr 2, 2013


The Tea Teams are forming up now to go out and pick a fight with the liberal left for the restoration of American values!


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One Response to “A Time to Fight”

  1. upaces88 says:

    The idiots that teach have been doing that in the pubic schools for a VERY long time!
    This is NOT recent. I know that YOU know this; so I will tell it again to others who may be on this site. At age 54, I went to graduate school with school teachers of every grade who had to take some of the same classes that Counseling (Me..Masters in Counseling; and the Psychology Majors
    I say this in the most disgusting tone I can possible say it. Those ARE the MOST emotionally, socially, politically brain dead population I have ever met in my entire life! They live in this dream world of how it should be vs. what it reality. They have NO logic or common sense as a population. Now! There ARE some great teachers. I have met a few. Usually, they won’t be caught in the coffee room with these idiots and are only the favorite of the students NOT other teachers.

    College and University Professors aren’t too much better unless they have actually worked in the field of psychology or counseling at an ICU of a Psychiatric Hospital; with battered women; or the perpetrators of domestic violence. I don’t know how really good professors and public school teachers can tolerate most of these brain-dead Polly Anna idiots.

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