Special operator claims US could have intervened in Benghazi Lastest News – YouTube

When will Obama and his treasonous group of liars be held accountable for their actions?

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Published on Apr 30, 2013


Special operator claims US could have intervened in Benghazi from Los Angeles

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15 Responses to Special operator claims US could have intervened in Benghazi Lastest News – YouTube

  1. Ken says:

    guess the future will tell the rest of the story. I hope the NEAR and not distant future

  2. Ken says:

    He will arrange Hillarys murder! Bills, Yours, Mine, ANYONES who opposes him! Thats why he wants our guns! Were all under the OBAMA bus if he can get away with it!

  3. Ken says:

    Thank you upaces. I dont think your wrong. You have interesting insight! I respect you! I sent an email to JC yesterday. he was going to post it for me. so far Ive not yet seen it. BUT do you remember hearing not long ago Michele Obama saying she was a single mother? (slip of tongue) ?? Obama is very possibly a homosexual! And SOROS, Bill Ayres, and others who wanted him president KNEW he would never be elected as a confirmed homosexual! THEY ARRANGED marriage between Michele and Obama to cover up his homosexuality and not lose support in presidential run! Make him sound like a FAMILY MAN!
    Of course he wants internet! And guns! and LOTS MORE! I hope my email to JC gets posted in a blog.

  4. upaces88 says:

    KEN, I do WANT TO BE WRONG. I don’t think anything will happen to him. He Might(?) throw Hillary or someone else under the bus…but not him. Note: I said “MAY.”

  5. upaces88 says:

    I am glad to have this confirmed. We knew it…this proves it! It is sad that he cannot stand in the daylight and shout it!
    I do remember Obama said: “Stand Down!”
    YES!! We have ALL thought there was/is a betrayal happening then and now (because they are still sitting on their TRUE MOTIVES for refusing to help OUR People).
    KEN: This is just an example of why he” Wants Our Internet.”

  6. Ken says:

    i heard this on Rush Limbaugh yesterday. Awesome. Hope something gets done now. this administration needs to be held responsible! And prosecuted!

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