Corruption, Lies, Murder

Corruption, Lies, Murder


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4 Responses to Corruption, Lies, Murder

  1. upaces88 says:

    No one can get close enough.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Laila, I have thought about the same thing. In the first 4 months of Obama’s first term he was threatened 400% more than Bush in his entire career. The first 4 months he was in office a man was caught flying his little airplane trying to crash it into the WH.

    He now has become so scared that he has multiple food tasters.

    I am right there with you in your rage and fear for our country…Most of us who are paying attention do. You are not alone..

  3. Ken says:

    Sad but SO true! Nobody does anything to charge OBAMA for ALL his crimes against this country! Satan protects his OWN!

  4. Laila Rasheed says:

    For Fcuks Sake,

    When do Americans start SHOOTING these FCUKING TRAITORS?

    America sticks its fcuking nose into every other country, pretending to be the Great Liberators, but Back Home a fcuking dictatorship is destroying the country!

    And being Politically Incorrect for a moment, why don’t a bunch of Gun Toting Niggers shot the fcuk outta Congress?

    Why go around murdering other Niggers, when there’s a bunch of crap in the Senate & Congress, just waiting to be wasted!

    At least, do something for your country, before you wind up in prison for the rest of your fcuking life!

    Future generations will compare you to MLK, as Niggers who had BALLS & who refused to live as ECONOMICAL SLAVES.

    The MULATTO in the White House must be number 1 , on your list of TRAITORS to be eliminated.

    And what about WHITE TRASH?

    Forget about it!

    AS long as they got KFC, BEER & PUSSY, the country can go back to the Dark Ages.


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