Liberals Are Lousy Tippers

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Published on May 19, 2013


Liberals Are Lousy Tippers, Liberals are cheap, You can tell by the car they drive many times, Liberals at the Car-wash, Liberals at the Restaurants

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7 Responses to Liberals Are Lousy Tippers

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  2. upaces88 says:

    When I managed and/or owned nightclubs, I told them if they don’t tip my waitresses “you can walk up to the bar order, pay for your damn drink.

    • boudicabpi says:

      My son and I go to the same Restaurant at least once every weekend. We always have the same waitress because we like her and she visits and talks if not to busy. Usually just a sandwich and I’ll have 1 drink. Bill usually between $25 and $30. Always give her $10 tip unless someone else is with us then give her more. Went in 2 weeks ago and she was out for a few minutes and we were told sit anywhere they weren’t sure which section was hers but doesn’t matter wherever you sit she’ll wait on you. It was one of the other waitresses that sat us. Treated like family, that’s why we always go there.
      Bob A.

      • upaces88 says:

        Before I started buying and/or managing nightclubs (some served food)….I was a waitress or a bartender (preferred waitresses)…You get to “meet nice people”.

        IF this specific customer sat in the wrong section due to the club being so crowded, I’d pay the waitress who had that section $50 just to allow me to have that one table. This man would pay for each round with a $50 or a $100 and even if they tab that time was only $25.00, I’d get to keep the change.

        Took me a while to learn everything about the business; the most important thing to remember is to get to know your customers: (I think it was Dale Carnigie who said, “The most important thing to a person when you see him again after your first meeting… is the SOUND OF HIS/HER OWN NAME.” That means you made an impression on them.
        To remember the names of their children, wife, husband, dogs, etc. It becomes a business/friendship relationship. People Love to feel they are important to you as a customer and a person.

        When anyone walks in and sits down, a good waitress will know to ask, “your wife was sick the last time you were in…how is she feeling?” Did you son finally get his “swing” down (Little league baseball team)?

        • boudicabpi says:

          She always asks about Elizabeth, my daughter and Megan.

          • upaces88 says:

            Especially waitresses tend to “get involved” with their customers. Waitresses I worked with really did care about their customers vs bartenders tend to be too busy and/or $$ oriented vs. one-to-one.
            It is a job that to some is an actual “calling” because they ARE People-Person(s).

            Sounds like to me that you, personally, made a very strong impression with her.

  3. jk9267 says:

    I’ve said this many times and I repeat it here. If you care for America, you have to reject Liberals. Reject them in business, either buying or selling. Reject them socially, even family or friend. If your wondering if I walk-the-talk, the answer is yes. I have rejected long time friends and I refuse to do business with Liberals. Yes, I have been rejected from social engagements and I don’t give a sh_t.

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