10 posts on BPI reblog 5/21/2013

BPI reblog


  1. Today, Jay Carney Makes Fun Of Obama’s Birth Cert Issue With NO PROOF Otherwise
  2. IRS’ Lois Lerner to Invoke the Fifth
  3. #IRS Gate, BenghaziGate? Nothing Is Going To Happen To America’s 1st Kenyan Prez.
  4. (Video) Egypt’s al-Azhar University Issues Book Teaching Children the Killing of Sinners And Cannibalism
  5. State DOJ: Busts Reveal Unprecedented Cartel Presence in Oregon
  6. Why Are All The SEAL Team 6 Soldiers That “Killed Bin Laden” Dying? Two more “accidents”
  7. Wait, the AG is still the same guy?
  8. IDF fired on from Syrian Golan for third day straight
  9. Filmmaker Hillary & Obama Framed Still Rots in Prison
  10. Kerry to Nigeria: Stop Terrorizing the Terrorist that are Terrorizing Nigeria

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