Rush Limbaugh Is The Cause Of Rape In Military


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Published on May 31, 2013


Rush Limbaugh Is The Cause Of Rape In Military, Rush Limbaugh show airing on the Armed Forces Network is a problem, Rush’s program encourages sexual misconduct and contributes to a growing rape epidemic in our military, sexual harassment…

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3 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Is The Cause Of Rape In Military

  1. upaces88 says:

    Rape is NEVER about sex. It is ALL about Power and Control; feeling superior over another human being. People who rape have severe anger rage issues as well against the opposite sex.
    It is almost as if there is an “dark emptiness in their very souls” that they can’t seem to fill up.

  2. Ken Wanner says:

    liberals are so fkcunig sick and desperate!!!!!!

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