10 posts on BPI reblog 6/6/2013

BPI reblog


  1. Valedictorian tells ACLU and FFRF to go “F” themselves, figuratively speaking
  2. Oops: Egyptian Ministers Discuss Plans To Sabotage Ethiopian Dam, Classify America As The Enemy Alongside Israel … On Live TV
  3. BREAKING: Christie Names Gun Grabber To Replace Lautenberg
  4. Chicago: White Woman Raped In Broad Daylight At Intersection By “Son Of Obama” Where Is N.O.W.?
  5. Benghazi Mom Kept Out of Ceremony Honoring Her Son, Told She’s “Not Immediate Family”
  6. Government Spying on MILLIONS in US via Verizon et al !!!!
  7. Remembering the 69th Anniversary of The Battle of Normandy, June 6, 1944
  8. Lindsay Graham: “Do bloggers deserve First Amendment protection?”
  9. DC Capitol Police Don’t Own Washington, WE THE PEOPLE Do. They Can F*ck Off, Show Em Nothing
  10. Freedom Diaries

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