1,400 Years of Christian/Islamic Struggle: An Analysis via CBN

It is totally unacceptable to white wash, sugar coat, pander to, be politically correct when talking about Islam. The truth is the truth and it is not what Muslims want to hear. Not what Obama and the politically correct Muslim loving and/or Muslim fearing wish to hear or have told. We have said time and time again that Islam is not a religion but is rather an evil cult, a death cult. An evil cult of deception, intimidation, subjugation, death and destruction. It is laughable that Muslims and their apologizer’s whine about showing tolerance to their “religion” and their feelings when in fact they are the least tolerant group of creatures on the face of the earth. It has been so for 1,400 years and will remain so until Islam is defeated and no more. Stand up to Islam, submit or die, those are your choices.

1,400 Years of Christian/Islamic Struggle: An Analysis

By Richard C. Csaplar, Jr.
Guest Columnist

CBN.com I was very disappointed to see that U.S. News would publish a clearly false article, adopting the world’s clearly false, politically correct (PC) view of the place of the Crusades in history. What makes it even worse, the article hides its views under the additional headline falsehood, “The Truth About the Epic Clash Between Christianity and Islam.”

Let me explain.

The opening heading states, “During the Crusades, East and West first met.” This is just totally in error, as any person with the slightest knowledge of history well knows. East and West had been fighting for at least 1,500 years before the first Crusade.

To give just a few examples — the Persians invaded Europe in an attempt to conquer the Greeks in the fifth century B.C. The Greek, Alexander the Great, attempted to conquer all of Asia, as far as India, in the fourth century B.C. Both the Persians of the east and the Greeks of the west set up colonial empires founded upon bloody military conquest. The Romans established by bloody military conquest colonies in Mesopotamia, northwestern Arabia, and Assyria in the second century A.D.

A different type of bloody conquest occurred through the movement of whole tribal groups between the east and the west. Again, just to name a few, the Huns, the Goths, and the Avars came from as far away as western Asia, central Asia, and China respectively in the fifth through the seventh centuries A.D. Indeed, the Avars from northern China and Mongolia were besieging Constantinople in 626 A.D., at the very moment Mohammed was a merchant in Arabia. Indeed, the Avars, by this siege, were one of the forces that weakened the Byzantines (there were many other, perhaps more important, forces) to the extent that most of the Byzantine mid-eastern empire fell relatively easily to the Muslims.

But let’s give the writer the benefit of the doubt and say that the author meant that “During the Crusades, Islam and Christianity first met.” This, of course, is also totally false. Read more…

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