Funny thing about your bra is, it’s uselesss

Funny thing about your bra is, it’s uselesss ;)

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13 Responses to Funny thing about your bra is, it’s uselesss

  1. upaces88 says:

    Are we sure that was a female?

    • Ken Wanner says:

      nowdays cant be too sure. But if not, im posting in favor of real females! Any trannys, not interested!!!!

    • Ken Wanner says:

      there are lots of sick bastards i know. And I suppose thats not politically correct. the hell with that. Ill say it like it is. NO law will change me. illegal or not. Politically correct? Morally correct? I made my choice. screw politics.

    • boudicabpi says:

      Bad wifi signal today. Just sent you an email off my phone.Hope you understand it and didn’t come garbled.You know how much both my daughter Elizabeth and my bestest friend Megan mean to me.

    • Ken Wanner says:

      think you could email me sometime?

  2. Ken Wanner says:

    id gladly hold em up for the ladies. with my hands. or…………LMAO! you know

    • upaces88 says:

      There you go, Ken…being a very baaaad boy again. I know…you want a spanking… LOL See! I tol’ ya! You are a very bad boy!

      • Ken Wanner says:

        well i like being bad. lol, thank you! And that message about emailing me sometime was for you upaces

      • Ken Wanner says:

        id love a spanking upaces. your welcome to come do it lol. OH mouth works good to help with the boobies lol.

  3. Ken Wanner says:

    LOL I agree. really no need for bras. Im following that gal on twitter now!!!!

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