10 posts on BPI reblog 6/12 – 6/16/2013

BPI reblog


  1. Panic Hits D.C. As Lawmakers And Their Aides Realize That ObamaCare Is Going To Screw Them Too
  2. Ineptocracy – a New American Government
  3. Analysis: New urgency for Obama’s Syria choices
  4. There Are Many Kermit Gosnells …
  5. ‘We will never allow another Holocaust’
  6. Obama’s Rogue Government.


  1. America’s Army
  2. The Banana Republic Of America
  3. Stupid Broad, Chelsea Clinton Wants Her Butcher Mother To Be The Prez. Chelsea Can Be Ambassador To Libya
  4. Only an all-out war can depose Assad. Anything less is like being ‘half-pregnant’

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