BNI…Return of the Russian Cossacks to fight the growing Muslim threat in Southern Russia

Our government not only refuses to recognize the danger of Islam through political correctness they apologize and support it’s spreading into these United States. Obama is at the forefront of this and will see the USA destroyed. Wake the fuck up!

Return of the Russian Cossacks to fight the growing Muslim threat in Southern Russia

The o00-cossacks-in-belarus-20-08-12nce-feared tsarist horsemen have a new role as the country’s most controversial civil servants. As traditional Russian values come under threat from opponents who would supplant them with ‘foreign/Muslim’ ones, the fighting Cossack culture is enjoying more prominence than ever, thanks largely to increasing support from the state and a growing ideological rift between Kremlin critics and supporters.


Global Post  The Cossacks pride themselves on their warrior tradition. With the Kremlin placing renewed emphasis on conservative and nationalist values since President Vladimir Putin’s reelection last year, they have often appeared on the frontlines of the authorities’ struggle against the urban-based, middle class-backed opposition — and on the side of the conservative majority.

Cossacks are also increasingly taking up roles as ordinary civil servants. In the past year and a half, they have organized neighborhood patrols in Moscow and chased away vagrants and illegal traders from the streets, although they’re unable to detain anyone, or even check documents. (What they really need to chase away are swarms of muslims praying in streets of Moscow like this)


Some have also enlisted as volunteer firefighters with the Emergency Situations Ministry. Others run a variety of youth programs aimed at everything from “patriotic education” to military-style training.

In the Cossacks’ ancestral homeland of southern Russia, volunteers have joined forces with regional administrations to run their own law enforcement patrols alongside regular police, a controversial effort to keep peace on the streets in a region fraught with ethnic tensions between Muslims and ethnic Russians. Read more…

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