This is not a coup, but the will of Egypt’s people via Joseph Wouk

Via Joseph Wouk’s Warsclerotic

It is no wonder Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. Besides Obama’s pro-Islam leanings there is a striking similarity between how Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood deceived the Egyptian people and how Obama and the Democrat’s deceived the American people in the 2008 election. In each case the losers were the respective country’s citizens.

Impeach Obama! Treasonous Liars, Cheaters and Thieves all!

Impeach Obama! Treasonous Liars, Cheaters and Thieves all!

This is not a coup, but the will of Egypt’s people

This is not a coup, but the will of Egypt’s people – English | Front Page.

When I would watch TV and see the faces of those who ruled Egypt for a year, I used to feel they were unrecognizable. Indeed they were Egyptian, but they changed where they believed they belong. They altered the order of their priorities to exclude us all and take the country as their own gain to achieve their own goals. They aimed to fulfill their own dreams where the entire country, with its history, turns into an Islamic state. This is why their facial features changed, or this is what I at least felt. And because I clearly saw this right away, I was possessed by this continuous feeling that I am alienated from them although I had friends from among them. These friends however had decided that their affiliation with the Brotherhood is more important than friendship.

This didn’t end here. The Brotherhood launched a real influential attempt to carve out features of the Egyptian character. It began imposing a new reality with different features. I think this metaphor is the most expressive term of the feeling Egyptians have. It partially explains this huge number of Egyptians who decided to take to the streets to protect their features from distortion that the Brotherhood began but had no time to implement.

Patient yet impatient Egyptians

The current famous Egyptian saying now is “stubbornness yields infidelity.” It’s true. The Brotherhood has in fact succeeded in altering old features in the Egyptian character. Egyptians don’t easily revolt and they are very patient with their rulers and impatient while protesting. But because stubbornness yields infidelity, the Brotherhood, through its stubbornness and insistence to deny reality, has managed to yield real infinite anger within the Egyptians. So the group pushed Egyptians to disbelieve them and to disbelieve their governance and their man at the presidential palace. This disbelief in the system and the Brotherhood changed the Egyptian’s character and so they revolted quickly and continued in the revolution against the Brotherhood announcing his disbelief in it. The Egyptians did not leave the street until this group and its president were defeated and until the Egyptians restored their original features.

The Egyptians, except a few, took to the streets and summoned the only institution capable of acting during this phase. In fact, it’s the only institution that relatively survived the Brotherhood’s moves. This institution, the army, was capable of restoring its position among Egyptians and even among those who chanted against it in squares few months ago. Some remained suspicious of the army’s stance especially when considering the wound that hasn’t healed yet, as plenty of Egyptians felt that the former military council abandoned them by striking a deal with the Brotherhood. But since the only option was to have faith in the army, they overcame their feelings of suspicion and kept waiting for the moment at which the army announces that it’s once again biased towards the people. The army did not disappoint the millions who took to the streets in search of their hijacked country. Read more…

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2 Responses to This is not a coup, but the will of Egypt’s people via Joseph Wouk

  1. Joanna says:

    I am not a political wizard , and I do state my opinions just as I see it…
    regardless of its valid points…
    here it goes:
    Egypt is a “gate” (in my humble opinion)
    for many reasons…
    …it is a major weapon hub-place…
    …it does control Suez Canal …
    and for the last half century provided stability in the ME region (liking Mubarack or not)
    obama played a monkey-wrench
    solution supporting MB blowing in his face right now..

    I would hope most of us would know by now that the protests against Mubarack were staged and have sorxos fingerprints all-over itself…
    …one thing the rules of the new world order did not forsee …
    was islamic hatered toward anyone who is not muslim …
    they want to use them without a secure button to keep radicals at some check-to-act-mode…
    and that is simply not going to happen…

    old sick joke comes to mind:…
    watch who you go to bed with…
    you may wake up with someone not matching your evening image…

    I hope it is a military coup and I hope Egyptian people will decide to return to their way of life before obama experience…(proving World wide and at home to be a run-away-train)….

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