Janet Napolitano To Resign

Janet Napolitano To Resign

I wonder what kind of creature will replace it when it resigns?

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2 Responses to Janet Napolitano To Resign

  1. upaces88 says:

    I knew when the issue with Jan Brewer/AZ Gov and the Immigration Bill they wanted to implement that she was having a hard time then. When they interviewed Janet N., you could always tell she was either having to lie through her teeth…they would have that “stone face” on. You know that look. You don’t show any expression at all, no emotions; and it is hard to keep your own eyes from showing you are speaking in lies….but she’d do it…BUT! It was obvious…TOO OBVIOUS, she was having a hard time with it.
    Hmmm, wonder what that specific moment was for her?

  2. ken says:

    Im GLAD she is leaving that post. Feel SOMEWHAT sorry for CA though. Well those innocent ones. Otherwise i say they get what they DESERVE! Majority state of mushroom heads! Men and women alike. and STARS!!!!!

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