Obama what a fuck”n joke No a nightmare!


Former Obama advisers call WH foreign policy “broken”

Most Republicans and conservatives would give Barack Obama a failing grade on foreign policy.  So would some of his own advisers.  David Francis writes that the lack of preparation and strategy has become painfully apparent over the last few weeks, and has produced an America unable to “dictate the national conversation.”  The problem has become so apparent that even some of Obama’s former colleagues are aghast at the situation: Read more…

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1 Response to Obama what a fuck”n joke No a nightmare!

  1. upaces88 says:

    He is so arrogant that I am quite sure he refuses to listen to good advice from those who KNOW what they are talking about. He seems to hate to take advice if it doesn’t agree with his agenda.
    Right after he got into office the first time, he met with the Ambassador from Japan and the man made a total fool of himself bowing so deeply that he looked like he was stretching to check out his own shoes vs. bowing.
    At that time, I thought to myself…the man has people all around him to explain customs of other countries to him soooo why doesn’t he ask OR listen to those who know?! He is SUCH an arrogant A-Hole.

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