Obama’s brother has his towel wrapped too tight around his head or…

…Does widespread inbreeding cause Muslims to repeat everything they say three times? Via Bare Naked Islam.

This character is a raving nut case and Muslims listen to him. Muslims are all fuckin insane. Obama and his legions of PC followers that defend Islam are fuckin insane.

At least Egyptian cleric Muhammad Al-Zughbi, is an equal opportunity hater. He wants everyone but the Sunnis to be annihilated: Jews; Shiites; Crusaders; Arab rulers; Hezbollah; Jews; Americans; Israelis; Assad; Nasrallah; Jews……

Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Zoghbi Calls on Allah to Annihilate Jews and Shiites in a Friday Sermon

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Published on Jul 17, 2013

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2 Responses to Obama’s brother has his towel wrapped too tight around his head or…

  1. upaces88 says:

    Their collective thinking processes are so confused and toxic…they can’t seem to entertain the thought that they have NO CLUE how to form much less keep a solid cohesion in a country.
    They can’t even name ONE country that is economically solid; and where the community-at-large is peaceful and productive. Yet! They keep spouting it is their way or death.

  2. ken says:


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