New video on our sister site 8-3-2013 #1 CNN confirms WND reporting on gun-running in Benghazi

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CNN confirms WND reporting on gun-running in Benghazi

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6 Responses to New video on our sister site 8-3-2013 #1 CNN confirms WND reporting on gun-running in Benghazi

  1. aripeka1 says:

    Excellent Work. You guys are bringing out some serious information.

    • aripeka1 says:

      I watched about 5 minutes on the Shut down of the Embassies. Another, meant to divert the attention away from OBAMA and his Cartel.

      • boudicabpi says:

        Right. Thanks for visiting and giving your input. Did it make any sense to broadcast these shutdowns with a reopening date to an enemy that just might postpone anything until things settle down? No it was all political by the phony in the WH, IMO.
        Bob A.

  2. roblorinov says:

    So first of all the Obama Crime Syndicate was caught running guns to the Mexican drug cartels and that was all nicely swept under the carpet with no one going to jail. Now the Obama Crime Syndicate has been caught running guns to terrorists! Anyone think the Obama Crime Syndicate might be Americans worst enemy????? Seems to me Obama and Company do whatever they can to take America down and support terrorists. BTW did you read the embassy alerts today? US embassies across the Mid East are closing temporarily due to specific terror threats. It’s been the big story all day long with the WH releasing all sorts of details. Excuse me but is that wise? Letting the enemy know that we know what they plan to do??? Intel sources are outraged that the WH has released so much info on this. Frankly, I’m not surprised. Obama loves the radical Muslims and I think he’s one of them. His hatred for the US is blinding!

  3. upaces88 says:

    That specific embassy was NOT the “usual” Embassy. I DO believe that our ambassador realized his purpose of being an actual working ambassador and the usual duties had been changed to “giving and/or selling weapons to our enemies that he wanted out. Welll, Obama could NOT allow him to get out much less “expose” WHO Obama wanted to have the weapons. This was a treasonous act and Steven wanted no part of it. I believe that is why he was allowed to die. “Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

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