Redneck Mouse Trap – you have got to see this!!

Redneck Mouse Trap – you havegot to see this!! 


This is the best mousetrap I have ever used, 5 gal bucket with a gal of RV antifreeze dumped in the bottom,  plastic bottle with a coat hanger thru it and some peanut butter on the middle of the bottle.

Lean a board up against the side and it works all year without checking it and no smell.

I love rednecks, they are the most ingenious group of people I have ever seen.  


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5 Responses to Redneck Mouse Trap – you have got to see this!!

  1. Put an entitlement on that bottle and it might start catching liberals, illegals and Obamabots.

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  3. Ike Jakson says:

    Still LMHO, Bob

  4. upaces88 says:

    LOL…I needed that laugh! THANK YOU!

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