US intelligence has no hard proof Assad used chemical weapons

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Published on Aug 29, 2013

The violence in Syria has gained global attention, and recent chemical attacks that killed hundreds of civilians near Damascus have implored the US and its allies to consider an attack. President Obama has been building a case that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad implemented the attack, but now US intelligence officials are saying that there isn’t enough evidence to back the claim. Investigative journalist Gareth Porter and former US Ambassador to Syria, Richard Murphy, join us for more on the latest developments out of Syria.

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3 Responses to US intelligence has no hard proof Assad used chemical weapons

  1. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    If Syria falls to the FSA backed Wahhabi Salifist Brotherhood, it is essentially falling into the hands of the Saudi Arabians, then Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank will eventually fall soon after.
    Hamas Pm/leader Ismail Haniyeh recently said that Abbas has no business setting down at the peace tables with Hanoi Kerry, that he doesn’t have the authority to do so?
    This shows the total contempt that Arabs have towards the Palestinian people who by the way are hated by the Arabs, they are not considered Arab and are looked at as dogs…
    Ismail Haniyeh said he was going to take Jordan to expand Palestine and he’s backed by the Brotherhood, who are backing the FSA.
    As soon as Syria falls, they will turn against the FSA and start cleansing the Mideast of anyone not Sunni , especially not Wahhabi…All of these Salifist are Saudis, financed by the House of Saud and weaponized by Obama….
    Obama’s schooling was paid for by the Saudis, he bows to them and I believe this is to expand the Saudi empire and to also surround Israels borders…They will try to retake Egypt as well and I bet Obama sends in troops there as well>???!

  2. upaces88 says:

    “An error occurred, try later again.”

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