Syrian civil war takes over small Christian village

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Published on Sep 6, 2013

While lawmakers in the US debate on what to do in Syria, the Syrian government and anti-government rebels clashed once again on Thursday near the small town of Maaloula. The small Christian town north of Damascus holds one of the oldest minority Syrian populations in the country. The recent conflict has many minorities in the area worried about the repercussion the community faces in the country’s civil war. The arch Bishop of the Syrian Church for Eastern US, Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim, joins us for more.

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2 Responses to Syrian civil war takes over small Christian village

  1. JC says:

    Here we go again BHO/Lucifer helping islam kill Christians. What will it take for his supporters to wake up and see him for what he is?

    On a different note. I believe that God is sending us a warning of the upcoming evil that is, and in some ways already has, over taken us. I dreamed a dream that I know has a prophetic over tone to it. I drempt I was standing on the landing of the South Carolina museum located on the Charleston harbor… great ships slumbering in port. I am looking across the harbor at a bridge. I am standing next to Michael the arc angel. He is silent as am I. Though I know he is praying on some level. A large and powerful boom rents the air I am hurled into the water and I am disoriented. I do not know which is up nor which is down…I feel my lungs fill with water and life slipping from me. Then just before total unconsiousness over takes me Michael reaches down and plucks me from the water…He looks at me with tears over taking his eyes and says …it has come ? He looks at the fear and puzzlement on my face and then gently tells me that America’s woes are becoming a reality…. war is going to engulf the US and that many are going to die. Our leaders are going to wage a war on not only on the world but the US citizens as well. There is a price to be paid for turning our backs on God…many of us voted in favor for evil to reign supreme over us. We have removed our Protector, The Good Shepard, Our Saviour from our lives. Our destruction ushers in the time of the Antichrist….there is no one to stop him. The last seven words are still ringing in my ears. I cannot blot them from mind or my heart.

    The destruction of Christians around the world at the hands of BHO/Lucifer is the last straw. God is filled with righteous indignation. He will not turn a blind eye nor will He ignore the sins of BHO/Lucifer any longer. The blood of Christains that has been spilled by BHO/Lucifer is
    calling out, much like that of Abels. God have mercy on us….now get prayed up, stocked up, and ready…we are in for bumpy ride. And remember….churches will be used to help subdue us…and islam will be paraded around and about as a way out. But it leads to eternal death…
    As for me and my house we shall the Lord….not the braying ass of islam.

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