IS OBAMA – An ILLEGAL President? THE TRUTH about his citizenship! You MUST SEE THIS!


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4 Responses to IS OBAMA – An ILLEGAL President? THE TRUTH about his citizenship! You MUST SEE THIS!

  1. upaces88 says:

    Ken, it has never been a secret. There were something “37” articles in int he UK as well as African Papers, news, etc.
    Anyone can go to You Tube and type in, “Obama Admits It…”they haven’t even been scrubbed.
    Yahoo was giving me hell trying to get into my own account. After I changed my password to 37 characters (Capital letters, small case, numbers and symbols)…they said it still wasn’t strong enough. I told them to delete the account.

    My point is, I had video(s) from Kenya, his relatives, the ambassador from Kenya …. all saying the same thing.
    “37” articles about his birth in Kenya.
    Finally, the hospital in Hawaii admitted, “You were not born here.”

  2. ken says:

    I agree upaces. ee ALL know he is illegal. The electeds in DC know he is! NONE SEEM TO GIVE A SHIT, Or want to push the fact/issue. They would rather LET the SOB keep destroying us! Not just Dems, Reps too! Im so glad im not a Republican anymore! Us tea party people would speak up. Prob be killed in the night, but they cant kill us all!

  3. upaces88 says:

    We have all seen similar video(s)…and yet, there he sits.
    He admits it in one of the video(s); and is corrected by the news commentator.

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