Our Military Should Do Obama Like Egypt Is Doing Morsi

Impeach Obama! Treasonous Liars, Cheaters and Thieves all!

Impeach Obama! Treasonous Liars, Cheaters and Thieves all!

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Published on Oct 10, 2013


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8 Responses to Our Military Should Do Obama Like Egypt Is Doing Morsi

  1. shavager says:

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE–our military has the RIGHT to REMOVE OWEbama under Title 50 USCode 843 to protect our government from “the Communist Party” of the United States, OR ANY SUCCESSORS OF SUCH PARTY REGARDLESS OF THE ASSUMED NAME, WHOSE OBJECT OR PURPOSE IS TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, OR THE GOVERNMENT OF ANY STATE, TERRITORY, DISTRICT OR POSSESSION THEROF…” OWEbama WARNED us he wanted to “fundamentally transform” this country and it is NOT in a CONSTITUTION MANNER!!!

  2. upaces88 says:

    The Military has waited too late. There was a plan IF he was elected again. The Russians came here to train with our troops and some thoughtless Military (I am sure a younger person)… told the Russians what they planned to do IF he got into office again. “Loose Lips Sinks Ships.”
    It was right after that he began replacing OUR Commanders with His PC Choices. Those replaced were fired and/or retired.
    They do have another shot “IF” they will take it when the Truckers (joined by the Bikers) go to D.C. I haven’t heard anything about the Truckers today, have you?

  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    Reblogged this on just another day in paradise and commented:
    Oath Keepers Unite to protect our Constitution!!!

  4. News says:

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  5. rmnixondeceased says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society and commented:
    Amen, brother!

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