A fake from a fake for a fake.

Via Front Page Magazine

Made in Taiwan

Made in Taiwan

A fake from a fake for a fake.

Obama ran for office promising masterful diplomacy. The reality has been less savvy diplomat and more pathetic loser. Hillary Clinton’s Reset Button with Russia was a dumb Bush-bashing gimmick and it was also misspelled.

That set the tone for the long-running comedy of errors in which Obama Inc. blended appeasement with dumb gimmicks and somehow managed to screw them up.

The ancient artifact it shouldn’t have given to Iran… proved not to be so ancient after all.

Sometimes an ancient artifact symbolizes more than its admirers necessarily imagine. Take for example the silver griffin that was returned by the United States to Iran as a gesture of respect and—at least according to tea-leaf readers—a sign of an emerging thaw between the two nations.

There’s only one problem: It’s a fake.

Not only is it a fake, it’s a bad fake.

Not only was it a bad fake. But the US government knew it was a bad fake. But the State Department chose not to know.

A definitive publication by retired Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Oscar White Muscarella clearly demonstrates that what is alleged by even the U.S. State Department to be a 2,700-year-old artifact from Iran is actually a modern fake, dating back to, at the earliest, 1999. Read more…

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