Obama’s contempt of our men and women in the military

Obama’s contempt of our men and women in the military

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3 Responses to Obama’s contempt of our men and women in the military

  1. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    I was raised on Marine corps bases for 18 years, did contract work and installed security systems on them and our Naval bases for another 25.
    Obama made the boast of building from the ground up a Youth corps, and when he realized after taking the Presidency from us that it was impossible. both financially and covertly in the short time he wanted and needed to create his corps.
    I have been warning people for many years about our Military and how vulnerable they really are to the whelms of our Senate and Congress. I warned that this Nation was still in her infancy compared to the rest of the worlds nations and that we could be destroyed quite easily from within.
    I also warned with quite allot of criticism that our Military would eventually in the future betray the very Nation and her people they were sworn to protect, both from foreign and domestic threats?
    When he started out the running gate and just two months into his presidency he started firing seasoned Lieutenant’s to began with. I said then that he was going to create his Army using the existing branches of our armed forces by getting rid of our more seasoned and loyal soldiers, and replacing them with his own hand picked soldiers, and here is how he planned, and is implementing those plans by using what has already been put in place, and established, all this guy is doing, is taking the most advance armies the world has ever seen, and are utilizing them by stripping them down from their once glorious and loyal cause of protecting America and her interest, with those loyal only to his cause.
    First of all, by allowing Fags and Drags, getting rid of Christian symbols and restricting Clergy, allowing woman to have combat roles and stripping regulations against bestiality from there books along along with other perversions, he his breaking down the moral of those more honorable and who are subjected to upholding their sworn oath of conscience to protect and defend Americans and who are also mostly of the Christian faith, they know this will prevent many of these types of men and woman from enlisting and reenlisting, one very big problem for Obama solved.
    Secondly, they lowered enlistment standards and testing, are even thinking about allowing felons to enlist and in some instances have already made such allowances in their civil departments. He is building up an army of the lowest standards for enlistment than we have ever before seen, and those that are enlisting are mostly loyal to his cause, not to Obama per say, but to his ideologies, to his agenda and like Obama they hate America and her founding fathers and see Christians as the root cause for all their misery, that’s what is attracting them and they are signing up because of their hatred towards Americans and America. What better way to defeat us, if they can learn how to kill us?!
    We are loosing our Military support because Obama is getting rid of the American Loyalist.
    Get rid of those men and woman, and he has a Military that will easily fire on you and I, and do so as guilt free as the day the devil breathed life into them!
    My guess and perhaps a good one is, that in five to eight years regardless of who we put into office, we will no longer enjoy being protected by the most advance Military in the World, but will instead be cowering from them in fear!

  2. Jeffrey Hardin says:

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  3. upaces88 says:

    Wellll, he didn’t think they’d find out that those who were training the enemy would turn around and kill our own man!
    He got caught again; and this poor kid has to pay for it with his life and time in prison for doing his job!

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