Vet Invasion: US ex-service personnel storm Washington amid shutdown

Obama intentionally using the Obama/Reid/Democrat shutdown to inflict as much inconvenience as possible on US citizens.


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Published on Oct 14, 2013

In just 3 days, the U.S. will be forced to make a decision that will affect the entire global economy. If lawmakers don’t find a way to re-open the frozen government, and then agree to raise the national debt ceiling. America will default on its debts. If that happens, the shock would be felt well beyond its own borders. RT’s Anissa Naouai has the details. READ MORE:

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5 Responses to Vet Invasion: US ex-service personnel storm Washington amid shutdown

  1. upaces88 says:

    I am so proud of them. God Bless Them!!!

  2. Well, the Dollar is already not too strong. If a wave of economical disater come again from the States, it will bring down things in Europe..with a weak Euro…and few countries already Under the line.. will definitly be in a bankrupty. Western Countries will have to rethink their system … and yes a World Currency could be a solution… may be even the only solution beside Gold.
    It is like a wave is pushing toward this…as loan that be repaid won’t work for long and print more and brings devaluation..meaning always less for your money.
    But I Trust In God !

  3. Mietopol says:

    We don’t care about IMF recommendations nor should we care about economies of other countries . IMF has no power over the USA and other countries must care for themselves. We hve to discredit and take down this criminal mafia wrecking our economy , threatening our very existence and taking our liberty. If we don’t do it this time there might not be a second chance.

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