Obama Bends The GOP Over And Sticks Them In The Butt

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Published on Oct 17, 2013

Obama Bends The GOP Over And Sticks Them In The Butt

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3 Responses to Obama Bends The GOP Over And Sticks Them In The Butt

  1. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Why I think they are afraid?
    I may have already told you this.
    A couple of winters ago, my daughter moved in with me “again” (lost count of how many times).
    I didn’t have enough $ on hand to buy groceries for both of us, so I gathered up my good silver and gold flatware and headed off to the pawnshop. I was standing in line. There was a man in a business suit (on a Saturday?) right in front of me.

    I was teasing Tommy, the owner of the pawnshop, asking him how the gun sales were going since Obama got into office. Before Tommy could answer, the man in front of me whipped around and we were standing face-to-face (he was my height)….so it was literally, “eye-to-eye contact.”
    His face turned white. His eyes became as huge as saucers as he said, “I quit! You don’t know who that man is! I QUIT!”

    Tommy and I just looked at each other…then he finally told me he didn’t have any more “used guns” that people pawn during tough times. He had to BUY ALL NEW ONES TO SELL. Even those were flying off of the shelf so he to rent (or buy) the property next door to him to keep guns in stock.
    (Yep, it is Texas).

  3. upaces88 says:

    I like the way he is deliberately pronouncing John’s last name “Boner” LOL
    I, quite frankly, think they are afraid of Obama.

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