And this was one of the more gentle bits

And this was one of the more gentle bits

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16 Responses to And this was one of the more gentle bits

  1. ken says:

    Every time obama opens his hole i could PUKE! SO sick of all this. Hope NOV 12 pans out. Wish I could be there! IF its legit! Have a good weekend.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Noooo, Ken, unfortunately the Republican Party now is NOT even in the same category anymore. I don’t even know who they are now!

  3. ken says:

    And I said REPS are nothing but CHICKEN SHIT BASTARDS who KISS Obamas ass and ALWAYS cave on issues! They want to talk TOUGH on phone with me, make it sound like THEY have a plan and want to stop Obama! YEA IVE SEEN THEM do NOTHING to stop him! They think im NIAVE? IGNORANT?

    • upaces88 says:

      Ken, sweetie, I want you to work on your communication skills. I am not quite sure I understand your opinion on this.
      GOOD FOR YOU!!!

      • ken says:

        are you kidding me? Its hard to understand? Honey PLEASE work on your understanding skills! Made simple for YOU upaces, I DONT SUPPORT REPS! There IS no such thing anymore! Democrats RUN as Reps many times, to get elected and DO DEMOCRATS BIDDING! And RID the country OF an opposition party! Thats why the T Party sprang up! Good for you dear! Hope your understanding improves.

      • ken says:

        you still believe in Rep party upaces? Really????

  4. ken says:

    VERY WELL SAID! I agree TOTALLY whoever posted that comment! McCain SUCKS! So do MOST other Reps in white house! Rep Ntnl Committee called me yesterday! For donation! I told him where to go! Im NOT a Rep! Im a CONSERVATIVE! A Tea party guy! A Sarah Palin, Michele B, Ted Cruz guy! Hung up on him! Told him and the REP Comittee to F*)K OFF!

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