Obama Reaches Out to the Islamic Culture that is Strangling America, via Socialism is not the Answer

Obama Reaches Out to the Islamic Culture that is Strangling America


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Obama’s America has gradually developed an irresistible tolerance for the  dangerous and immoral culture of Islam. Islam’s whispers have now turned to  shouts as this manufactured religion continues its assault on our freedoms and  American ideals. American society’s distorted views of Islam as a legitimate  religion, guaranteed a place in our free society, are fueling the conquest of  our nation and the future subjugation of our free people.


staff_obama_islam_500x279For  those broadminded Americans who have grown to accept Islam’s dynamic  assimilation into U.S society, be warned. Islam is not a religion it is a  culture. As hard as academics try, Islam cannot be defined as a belief system  founded on personal choice as it is with Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or  Hinduism rather it is an ideological scheme defining all life’s choices, social  order and laws. More importantly, the Muslim belief system is grounded firmly  in  the conquest of its enemies and subordination of any conflicting faith or  social  order. Islam is not a faith respecting free will and a search for God.  It is  wholly materialistic, demanding adherence to its social precepts under  penalty  of death or enslavement. Read more…

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1 Response to Obama Reaches Out to the Islamic Culture that is Strangling America, via Socialism is not the Answer

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    In one sense Islam is like Christianity. We are both peoples of the book. However, since the Bible is God’s book, and the Koran is only a dismal knockoff, that’s where the similarity ends. Nonetheless, that similarity is highly important. What putting a belief system on paper does is establish a faith at a fixed point. Even people say the Bible (or the Koran) says something it does not, those who can read can go back to the book and read it. Thus, even after generations have almost forgotten what the book says, they can return to what the founder had in mind all along.

    Thus, what makes Islam dangerous is belief in the Koran. Like a time bomb, when Muslims enter a country the do so quietly. They may be peaceful and hardworking. Yet if their numbers grow, and their clerics remind them of the words in the Koran — and they yearn to believe — like a time bomb Muslims will begin to war for their religion..

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