President Knows-Nothing, shamelessly stolen from our friend at Crockett Lives

Obama knows, he’s a FUCK’n LIAR!

President Knows-Nothing

He's Mad

Report: Obama Unaware NSA Spied On World Leaders (The Hill)

HHS Chief: President Didn’t Know Of Obamacare Website Woes Beforehand (CNN)

Obama Doesn’t Know Number Of People Who’ve Gotten Insurance Through Exchanges (Politico)

Obama Says He Didn’t ‘Know Anything’ About Probe Into IRS Targeting (Fox News)

Obama Denies Knowing Benghazi Terror-Attack Survivors Have Been Forbidden From Talking To Congress (Mail Online)

Obama: ‘I Didn’t Set a Red Line’ on Syria (Weekly Standard)

Carney: Obama Didn’t Know About Fast & Furious Until He Saw It In Media (Real Clear Politics)

White House: ‘No Knowledge’ Of DOJ Look Into AP Records (Politico)

Obama Claims He Didn’t Know About the Petraeus Investigation (Weekly Standard)

Obama: No Knowledge Of Ayers’ Terrorist Past (NY Post)

On Letterman, Obama Says He Can’t Remember The National Debt (Washington Examiner)

Senior Adviser Robert Gibbs – No ‘Knowledge’ Obama Campaign Pressured Gallup (Washington Times)

Obama Had No Knowledge of Jay-Z + Beyonce’s Cuba Trip (Pop Crush)

Further exposition is unnecessary.  Barack Obama is either a world class charlatan or the most incompetent buffoon to ever occupy the Oval Office.  Well, maybe he’s both.

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