Kid Cages at School Bus Stops Spark Outrage via

Kid Cages at School Bus Stops Spark Outrage

Oct. 28, 2013

Environmentalists have galvanized behind a movement to resurrect wolf populations in rural America. Public support, particularly from urban regions, appears to favor the idea of returning this iconic symbol of the wilderness to America’s rural landscapes. Unfortunately there is a lack of public awareness to the real life consequences for those living with wolves. The result is a misguided Federal wolf introduction program that disregards protests from states where wolves are forced on communities that don’t want them.

In Catron County, New Mexico, aggressive Mexican gray wolves are terrorizing residents. Here wolves are killing pets in front yards in broad daylight, and forcing parents to stand guard when children play outside. The threat has become so ominous the local school district has decided to place wolf shelters (kid cages) at school bus stops to protect school children from wolves while they wait for the bus or parents. These wolf proof cages, constructed from plywood and wire, are designed to prevent wolves from taking a child. The absurdity of this scenario is mind-numbing. What kind of society accepts the idea of children in cages while wolves are free to roam where they choose?

This situation exemplifies the problem with the Endangered Species Act (ESA). It has drifted far from its original intent and become a useful tool for extreme environmentalists to push their agendas, often placing the interests of wild animals above the interests of real people. Read more…


Wolves in Government Clothing

Green Screen Report Green Screen Report·5 videos

Published on Oct 10, 2013

Wolves in Government Clothing is a documentary film about predators in the wild, and in government, and how the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has empowered both of them to destroy people’s lives.

Witness firsthand accounts from those who are forced to deal with wolves on a daily basis. Its the story of two predators with similar characteristics: wolves and Federal government agencies. The reality is, if we don’t control these predators…they will control us.


• Kid cages at school bus stops in New Mexico
• 176 sheep killed in one night by wolves in Idaho
• 3/4 of the northern Yellowstone elk herd wiped out
• Ranchers losing their livelihoods
• Indian tribal lands invaded
• Government agencies ignoring local concerns

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