ObamaCare KO’s 100,000 policies in NY

I hope you assholes that voted for Schumer, Gillibrand and the Rep’s that followed Pelosi are happy.

ObamaCare KO’s 100,000 policies in NY

ObamaCare KO’s 100,000 policies in NY

Insurers are canceling the medical policies of about 100,000 New Yorkers enrolled in individual health plans because of ObamaCare, state health officials said.

But the figure is actually much higher because it doesn’t take into account hundreds of thousands covered under small business group policies that are being scrapped or rewritten to conform to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Read more…


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3 Responses to ObamaCare KO’s 100,000 policies in NY

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    It begins.

    • upaces88 says:

      John, be assured. He did NOT get into office either time due to “votes.”
      During the first run for President, Hillary Clinton won to run for President, NOT Obama. Bribery? Threats? I don’t know. I do know she was removed from running.
      McCain/Palin actually did win to be President/Vice President. Pain wanted to move forward with an investigation. McCain wimped out!
      Again, he got into office through massive fraud. Romney was winning hands down (Go to You Tube: Romney at Red Rock). On the same day Romney had a campaign rally that looked more like a 1960’s Rock Festival than a Campaign for President…Obama had only 200 people show up at his rally.
      A few weeks ago, it was in an article that a woman was put in prison for being a party to massive fraud for Obama. Check Google: Romney+Soros. We were played!!!

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