Enemies: Foreign AND Domestic

Our Constitution is supposed to protect us from both but now we are protected from neither. Our domestic threat is aiding the foreign threat. TREASON

: Enemies: Foreign AND Domestic


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4 Responses to Enemies: Foreign AND Domestic

  1. Mietopol says:

    Truly Obama is a wolf in the sheepskin. The messenger of satan who make himself ( with the help of his media ) look like the angel of light. A terrorist in the designer suit.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Several years ago, two capillaries broke in my brain. I was rushed to the hospital, of course.
    When I woke up, I didn’t ask for my daughter. I didn’t even ask if I would be okay.
    The first two things I asked were
    Is Obama dead yet?
    Did he close GITMO?
    Couldn’t remember my own street address I had for 26 years but I remembered that!

  3. upaces88 says:

    Remember when he first got into office, he said he was going to close GITMO?
    Well, this is a new twist. He just set them free so they can learn a Peaceful Form of Islam.

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