Gun free zone safety via Vermont Loon Watch

Gun free zone safety

All schools are gun free zones for 1000 feet around them. This shooting couldn’t happen since it is prohibited to have a gun on school property.
Would someone please explain why this shooter didn’t obey the law? This Libtard law is emphatic about carrying or using a weapon on or about school zones.
Actions by these individuals make ‘gun free zones’ unsafe. How will the Libtards get these criminals to make nice and obey gun laws?

Police: At Least 3 Shot Near Brashear High School

Several suspects have been taken in for questioning in connection with a shooting that left three students injured near Brashear High School Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, the shooting happened on Crane Avenue around 3 p.m.

According to school officials, a shooter came out of the woods near the school, shot three students and then retreated into the woods.

The three male victims suffered varying injuries:

  • One was shot in the leg and foot
  • One was shot in the neck and shoulder
  • One was grazed in the head


Didn’t anyone explain to the shooter that he couldn’t shoot near the school? We have a law, actually many of them, passed by a bunch of liberal assholes. I guess they really expect the laws to

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