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Communism Gun Grab: NYC Has Turned Over Its Citizens

To Criminals, Murderers, Rapists.

Reblogged from The Mad Jewess:

Communism Gun Grab: NYC Has Turned Over Its Citizens To Criminals, Murderers, Rapists.  DO NOT EVER SAY THAT “LIBERALS” ARE FOR THE PEOPLE.  THEY ARE FOR CRIMINALS.  THIS IS 100% PROOF. New York City is … Continue reading

Video: Congress Fears Out of Control Obama Could Suspend Election Laws

Reblogged from Mountain Republic:

Anthony Gucciardi Infowars.com

From DHS enacting ‘Constitution-free zones‘, to executive orders taking over all forms of communication authority within the United States — the Obama Administration has already gone far beyond corruption and deception and into an … Continue reading

More Airports Set to Install TSA ‘Detention Pods’

Reblogged from Mountain Republic:

Devices that critics liken to cattle grids have biometric capabilities Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com A new Transportation Security Administration directive that mandates airports provide security for terminal exits is likely to lead to the installation of … Continue reading

Details of the Obama forgery exposed

Reblogged from Socialism is not the Answer: CFP Every American is the victim of one of the most insidious crimes ever perpetrated on the collective – the capturing of our nation from within. The set-up process occurred over decades, but … Continue reading

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