5 Pillars of Obam-islam

5 Pillars of Obam-islam

1. Diminish Christianity

2. Control the Media & Message

3. Bankrupt the US

4. Control Votes

5. Disarm Opposition

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2 Responses to 5 Pillars of Obam-islam

  1. YO HOMER,




    I used to say Bill Clinton was an idiot. I was always astonished at how frequently people would reply, “Oh no, Bill Clinton is a very smart politician.” Even dyed-in-the-wool Limbites would often say “I hate the bastard, but you gotta give him credit, he’s one sharp fellow.” I would stand there and marvel thinking to myself, perhaps they have never spent any time actually watching this fumbling twit. Perhaps they had never seen his phony “aw shucks” bullshit act and listened to his empty, vapid speeches as he tried to redefine reality to absolve his guilt. I would typically end the conversation by saying, “Wouldn’t you think such a sharp, savvy political guy like Billy Boy would be clever enough to keep his trousers zipped up during office hours?”

    Now I am hearing the same crap from people about jelly-lipped Obama. “Gosh, he is really a smooth talker. I think he is ingeniously using NLP techniques to mesmerize the people. He is one smart politico.” Well not exactly. I listened to this clown for about a minute and like the first five seconds of watching the Trade Towers in free fall, I knew it was pure horseshit, smoke and mirrors. Now I don’t want to shock any of the readers by writing the following, but I am pretty sure the Trade Towers was a joint Israeli/US operation set up to hurry along Israeli hegemony over the Middle East. Starting with Iraq and now proceeding rapidly toward taking out Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. However I am absolutely certain that like good ol’ Bill, the monkey in the White House is an idiot. Why a monkey? Not for the obvious reasons that come to some of the more puerile minds, but because Obama is nothing more than the cute monkey who solicits nickels and dimes from the dumb goyim for his jewish organ-grinder owner. This time the street organ is a jew-operated teleprompter and the nickels and dimes are for “defense” expenditures to support the jew’s expanding wars in the Middle East. All Obama lacks is the jacket and cap to make the picture complete. Perhaps it would be wise for our representatives to heed Winston Churchill’s advice, “Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ-grinder is in the room.”

  2. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) says:

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