POS LIEberal: Union Director Janet Marie Vrotsos Tells Disabled Veteran, “I Hope You All Lose Your Limbs & Die”

Via Freedom Is Just Another Word… H/T Genomega


Her disgusting comments go beyond the pale even for those on the left. To wish that military veterans would lose their arms and legs in war is something that cannot be ignored, and hopefully the left will stand up and discipline their own. Those veterans are someone’s sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers, etc. To wish this on them and their families is truly despicable.

Please spread the picture around, and contact her union where she is an official. (Pat Dollard) Visit and read more.

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53 Responses to POS LIEberal: Union Director Janet Marie Vrotsos Tells Disabled Veteran, “I Hope You All Lose Your Limbs & Die”

  1. jan vrotsos says:

    This is the POS you refer to in your article about the great brian kolfage. .I did not write that about our veterans. .if you don’t believe me ask brian. .I want this page either removed or wow a retraction. .if not I will take it to a higher power. .I am asking you nicely but just once

    Thank you

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  5. David L. says:

    Wonder how many people who are screaming about all kinds of “bullying” will speak up against this seemingly sub-human spewing “cow-patty” filth from her heart and mouth. It sure would be great if someone on her fb “friends” list showed any previous posts she’s made about the military etc. It would drive a crack in the “hacked theory”!!!!! Wonder if she’s on twitter or other sites and posted similar comments? WE IN TEXAS…. LOVE YA VETS!!!! BLESSINGS!!!!

  6. Patrick Sims says:

    As a Veteran who served 915 days in Vietnam it should be expected I would see things from Senior Airman Kolfage’s point of view, which I do. As to Ms. Vrotsos. I won’t say I disagree with her words but respect her right to say them, or remind her the military is the organization that protects the rights she can abuse and way she sees fit . My real question, is how in the hell can an intelligent person be conned into believing one political party is all right and the other is all wrong? That one’s affiliation with a political organization makes one good or bad. Ms. Vrotsos you are a fool. respectfully, 1st Sergeant Patrick D. Sims U. S. Army (retired)

  7. What a POS!! I am a union member, also a Disabled Vet.. Believe me, I have already called eddie fitz as he answers on his voice mail. All of you union hacks are getting what you want with the clown obozo, dingy harry and the wench Nazi polozi. I am so glad I served my country, to let you ass smokers say what you can. FU all!!

  8. heather erdman says:

    As a veteran previously deployed there times to aid countries that need our help and show them a sense of well being and humanitarianism I am proud that I could be a part of that. It is to save people from words and actions like these that we are fighting against. It is from our united stated military that this woman even has the freedom she has to be so demeaning and cruel. Each and every military personnel and veteran who has been in the service has sacrificed and been through so much that it changed every life and family member. I will pay for third woman that God help this woman to see.

  9. Unfortunately, I have lost family and friends for this uneducated, left-wing, hate-spewing cow to say the things she says. If it were up to me, she would be gift wrapped in bacon and dropped into Kabul.

  10. boudicabpi says:

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:

    POS LIEberal: Union Director Janet Marie Vrotsos Tells Disabled Veteran, “I Hope You All Lose Your Limbs & Die”

    • Sandy Buchanan says:

      All I have to say to you Janet is, ” YOU need to go over seas and fight for your own freedom!!” Put your actions where your mouth is !!

  11. jonolan says:

    If the contact numbers are accurate, this waste of a cunt can be found and dealt with. The only question is whether to burn her limbs off, those of her husband (If you can call Liberals spouses) Melvin, or those of any crotch-droppings she might have squeezed out of her fuckhole…or some combination of all three options.

    Melvin & Jan Vrotsos
    51 Eliot Rd, Arlington, Massachusetts

    • jonolan says:

      Correction: Melvin is the thing’s sire, no husband and he died in April. She might have two spawn, Gary and Holly, or they could be her brother’s get.

      • You’re a real moron, Jonolan. First of all, what she did is inexcusable; but what YOU have done is just pathetic. You’re no better than the medieval mobs that ran around with torches and pitchforks. Grow up.

  12. glenbianchi says:

    Has this been researched & confirmed? I’ve been seeing posts that this was an internet hoax on an innocent person.

    • Good question – disinformation is the tool of scoundrels – any time a person sees something that ‘doesn’t make any sense’ – such as the quoted remarks, a person should withhold judgment and confirm the information is accurate before going on the offensive about it. Don’t let the trolls and manipulators win – think for yourself!

    • boudicabpi says:

      I did not. On the top right hand side of every page, every post is:
      Following in the spirit of Britain’s Queen Boudica, Queen of the Iceni. A BPI site. I am an opinionator, do your own research, verification.

      • Jerry Staton says:

        That’s a cop out. “Let me post anything I want and you figure out whether it’s true or not.” Irresponsible.

        • boudicabpi says:

          That being said I’m operating at a higher level of integrity than Obama, Clinton Democrats, most Republicans and the Federal Government. I’m upfront about not researching and verifying everything I post. They along with the MSM try and pass off their blatant lies as truth. Benghazi is a prime example of that.

  13. NotoriousRoscoe says:

    THIS is the reason we put our lives on the line — so she can do this. She’s disgusting, and I detest her — and I am proud I put my life on the line to enshrine her right to express her stupid opinion.

    • upaces88 says:

      All I can say is YOU ARE deeply appreciated and very gracious to say that..

    • Jack G says:

      She has the right to say anything she wants and have any opinion she wants.
      We also have the right to be outraged and make her life interesting.

  14. upaces88 says:

    Some people just don’t understand! Our Military DOES NOT WANT to just go over for nothing. They go to win! Then, their hands are tied…PC, working with those who may turn around and kill them.
    I get angry when I hear or read statements people make about our military. They did NOT decide for themselves to go to war. The

    • upaces88 says:

      ….Their boss, the Commander in Chief sends them to war where ever and whenever he says so!
      No one WANTED to go to VN…they were ordered to.

      Star Bucks recently blasted our Military. A bunch of us jumped in one car and drove to Star Bucks to fill out complaint forms reminding them, “The Military does NOT choose to go to the Middle East. They ARE ORDERED to go by Obama!!

  15. I am a liberal, but I would NEVER EVER believe a fellow human being could say anything so horrid. I believe members of the Armed Forces are all heroes and deserve our thanks and prayers. Not all liberals are mentally ill or hateful.

  16. This very horrible person is the head of a union. She must have Vets that work under her. I am adding a link that that has her bosses info and congressman etc. I am afraid of what she might be doing or saying to Vets that she may have contact with. For all we know she may have put some people out of work because she has different political beliefs and that’s not right at all, plus she has no business saying such hateful things to anyone, and definitely not to those who defend or have defended her freedom! http://patdollard.com/2013/12/scumbag-union-director-says-all-disabled-veterans-should-lose-their-limbs-die/

  17. Ruanny Jaime says:

    Wow you’re igonoret women , do you know what kind of disgrace you are to the U.S. wishing that all veterans to lose all there limbs ,you’re a sick person, so that means when I join the military you want me to lose all my limbs and die alone , go burn in hell lady

    • Warren Gacsi says:

      As of 12/28/2013, seems that Jan V has sort of scrubbed her presence on FB. Too bad, because i would have liked to unload a few words for her enlightenment.

      • upaces88 says:

        I hope she hid her under under the bed out of sheer embarrassment or being so damn insensitive and stupid.

  18. william nicholas says:

    this woman needs to be taken out and tied to a tree with small cuts all over her body so the flies can get to her and maybe a wild animal or two can eat at her while she is still living, so she can die a long slow miserable death and maybe clean her wounds with cayenne pepper every so often so she can burn on earth before she burns in hell. Maybe the wild animals will chew all of her limbs off too.

    • upaces88 says:

      The Indians used to pour “honey” on people when they were tied to a stake. That drew all kinds of animals to rush by to grab a snack.

  19. Peggie says:

    This woman can not be in her right mind. I’m all for free speech but if she really feels this way she needs some serious behavioral health assistance.

  20. Allen Cowan says:

    Why can I not find any combination of the names, or the Facebook “Republican Family Values” page?

  21. arealpatriot says:

    Janet M Vrotsos
    52 Bradshaw St
    Medford, MA 02155-4820

  22. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    Karma will get her. Know it.

  23. Kathy Begley says:


  24. tcapps47 says:

    Is this woman mentally retarded? Did none of her family fight in past wars? She has got to be out of her flippin mind to say such horrid things about the very people that fight for her freedom of what I would assume is her vision of speech. If it weren’t for our soldiers, she wouldn’t have made it as far as she has and have the freedoms she has. I hope that she Karma comes back and kicks her in the face!

  25. upaces88 says:

    My Lord! That woman is mentally ill!!!

  26. sherayx says:

    Does she know one day our military, will be veterans?

  27. MaddMedic says:


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